Night Widow by Carol Davis Luce

Published October 27, 2015

Night Widow by Carol Davis Luce

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I felt like this story took a while to get going - there was a lot of buildup about our protagonists rather chequered history of her own, alongside a quite drawn out first meeting with her new next door neighbour, the celebrity film star.

However, once the meat of the middle started to pick up steam, I really got involved in the story. Piper is convinced her elderly Hollywood star neighbour is being held against her will and despite all the evidence to the contrary, strives to get someone to believe her, to help her save Sybil.

The odds really are stacked against Piper and her friends, but gradually the truth of the matter starts to unravel. It’s quite a twisted story, but the way it unravels is gripping, and it all comes to a satisfying and solid ending. A good read.

Rating: Unrated

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