Night Over Water by Ken Follett

Published December 23, 2016

Night Over Water by Ken Follett

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Another Ken Follett classic, I really enjoyed this one. Telling the tale of the one final flight of the Boeing Clipper, crossing the Atlantic from Southampton to New York in various stages and getting more and more dramatic as each stint unfolds.

Firstly you are introduced to all the various characters, and as always it doesn’t feel like they could possibly have anything to do with each other. But once onboard the plane and as a dastardly plot starts to unfold, they intertwine in fascinating and unexpected ways. Some of the characters were a bit irritating, and some of the dialogue and their inner-thoughts a bit too stilted, but that’s probably to do with the time period more than anything.

I loved following the story of this one, wondering what’s going to happen next and more importantly, how on earth they were going to defeat the bad guys. Top stuff.

Rating: Unrated

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