My Life by David Jason

Published January 20, 2018

My Life by David Jason

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David Jason is a much-loved figure on British TV screens, but I realised as I started reading this that I really don’t know much about him. It’s fascinating to read about his earlier life - from tentatively messing around in youth drama clubs, to deciding to give acting a shot as a career. I’m also impressed with how quickly it all came together for him, although of course the few pages of a book can’t really cover all the ups and downs there no doubt were along the way.

This is a really nice autobiography that doesn’t drift into bragging at any stage, despite a really successful and long-lasting career that deserves to be shouted about. Jason is in some of the most iconic programmes from the last few decades. Nevertheless, he seems to remain level-headed and refreshingly brutal about his own performances, his own luck, and the hand that others have had to play in it. Great read.

Rating: Unrated

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