Murder in the Caribbean by Robert Thorogood

Published April 2, 2020

Murder in the Caribbean by Robert Thorogood

Book info

  • Title Murder in the Caribbean
  • Author Robert Thorogood
  • Year 2018
  • Genres Mystery, Crime

DI Richard Poole is hot, bothered and fed up. He’s stuck on the tropical island of Saint-Marie, forced to live in a rickety old shack on a beach, and there isn’t a decent cup of tea to be found anywhere. When a boat explodes in the harbour, Richard and his team soon realise there’s a new murderer on the loose. But who is it? And why did the killer leave behind a ruby at the scene of the crime? As the police dig deeper, they uncover secrets that go back decades, and a crime from the past that can never be forgiven. Worse still, they soon realise this is only the beginning. They’ve got to catch the killer before there's another death in paradise...


Another good book in the Death in Paradise series. I love the TV show, still, even though it is predictable as anything these days and not featuring any of the original cast. The book, however, that is stuck in the past with the original crew, and it’s quite nice to revisit those days.

Inspector Poole’s grumpy nature is a key plot point, and I’m torn whether it makes it better or worse that you can hear his innermost thoughts in the book. He sort of comes across as a worse person but then it kinda makes you understand where he’s coming from a bit. Undecided.

The mystery here is a good one, although I guessed who the perpetrator was pretty early on. Still, it was a fun ride getting to the conclusion.

Rating: 4 / 5

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