More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea by Tom Reynolds

Published December 1, 2010

More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea by Tom Reynolds

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I was determined to read this one, as the follow-up to the first book that I reviewed here previously. I got this book for free at the same time as the first, but it looks like the price has now gone up to a very reasonable £1.99. I’d say that comparatively speaking, the prices are very reflective of the source material. This second book was a lot less depressing than the first, and whilst still giving a lot of in insight to how idiotic both humankind, and the NHS bureaucracy, can be, it was a tiny bit more uplifting.

It’s very telling that towards the very end of the book, Tom/Brian starts questioning why he continues to do the job. I think the last time I checked the site, he had transferred to a nursing unit somewhere, putting his skills to a less mobile use!

Anyway, if you enjoyed the first, you will definitely like this one, and if you were a bit skeptical of the first, then you might like this one better. If you didn’t like, or weren’t interested in, the first one then steer clear, as this is very much more of the same. I have found another Kindle book about life inside hospitals, so look for a similar review coming soon!

Rating: Unrated

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