Mayday! by Clive Cussler

Published May 10, 2020

Mayday! by Clive Cussler

Book info

  • Title Mayday!
  • Author Clive Cussler
  • Year 1973
  • Genres Adventure, Thriller, Action

Major Dirk Pitt picked up the frantic distress call as he cruised his lumbering amphibious plane over the islands of the Aegean. Brady Air Force base was under fire, its entire force of jets destroyed on the ground... by just one First World War bi-plane! A psychotic ex-Nazi, a bloodthirsty Greek strongman and a beautiful double agent set Pitt on the trail of the warped mastermind behind a devastating sabotage plot. And on that trail, danger and death are never far behind...


Second book in the Dirk Pitt series, I wasn’t too happy with Pitt’s antics on the beach but otherwise it was a great action thriller – kicking off with our protagonists taking on an old war plane and ending up with some submarine adventures too. The twists and turns along the way were great, double crossing and trying to figure out exactly what everyone’s dastardly plans are.

I like, too, that Pitt is an older character, a hero but one that shows his scars and feels the fatigue. He’s a product of his generation, somewhat lecherous and not exactly PC friendly, but he earns his stripes at least.

Rating: 3 / 5

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