Marathon Running: The Complete Training Guide by Richard Nerurkar

Published May 18, 2013

Marathon Running: The Complete Training Guide by Richard Nerurkar

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This is an interesting read, a sort of guidebook to the concept of running a marathon. Written by Richard Nerurkar, it takes you through the very basics of why you might want to run a marathon, through some training schedules, preparing for the race, and advice on what to do when things don’t go to plan. There’s also an extra section about turning into more of an elite runner.

I enjoyed the variety of sections there were, although the formatting on the Kindle was a bit wonky. Bits that were clearly sidebars and pull-quotes were sometimes in the middle of other sections, breaking up the paragraphs and losing the flow a bit. I didn’t mind too much but it did get confusing at times.

It was a good read, although I skipped some of the more detailed training information because I’m not training for a marathon or intending to do so any time soon. I recommend this to anyone who is thinking about taking it up though, it has a great balance of information for new and experienced runners, and seems to capture the joy of running a marathon but without letting you forget that it is really, REALLY difficult.

Rating: Unrated

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