Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Published October 8, 2011

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

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I’ve always had a bit of a grudge against this book, not really through any fault of its own. When I was younger, I read a version that was cut short. Having finished it now, I can see that it was the first part of the book, the midway point before they all up and get married.

Cue the inevitable conversation about Beth, where I am adamant that she got sick but got better, and I am being told otherwise. Confusion, sadness, etc, all reigned supreme.

So, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to reading it again, but actually I did really like it. By the end, I felt like things were being drawn out just a little bit and I wasn’t particularly keen on all the masses of travelling everyone did.

The characters are so fun, though, loveable but flawed. When they were trying so desperately hard to be good, it grated on my nerves a little, but then they weren’t always perfect, which made them much rounder as characters. Laurie is my particular favourite, as he gets so involved with the girls and their games without any pretensions or ulterior motivations (not until later anyways).

Ultimately, I think it was a little bit longer than I would have perhaps liked, but I enjoyed the tales involved, loved watching the girls grow and evolve, and was quite invested in them by the end.

Rating: Unrated

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