Limitless by Alan Glynn

Published September 4, 2011

Limitless by Alan Glynn

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I really enjoyed this book. Having seen the film, I was keen to read where the idea came from, and I was fascinated throughout to see where the differences were between book and screen.

There were quite a few differences, it felt like the book had a lot less open strands to take the story forward. I can understand why they would need the film to have more characters and a few more subplots, but I enjoyed it being focused on the main character alone.

The descriptions of the effects of the drug are amazing. In the film, they simply changed the colours on screen, but in the book there is no such luxury. Even so, it was so well written that it was easy to feel what Eddie was feeling, and I was still left feeling that I wanted some of the drug.

The ending was a lot different to the film, a little bit more moving, and certainly a lot less ambiguous. I was left feeling really sad for Eddie, but really happy at how the story had been complete from start to end.

Rating: Unrated

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