Lily's War by Shirley Mann

Published July 9, 2022

Lily's War by Shirley Mann

Book info

  • Title Lily's War
  • Author Shirley Mann
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Historical

World War Two is in full swing and Lily Mullins is determined to do her bit for the war effort. Her friends and sweetheart have all joined up and Lily's sure there must be a role for her that goes further than knitting socks for the troops! When she decides to volunteer for the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, Lily soon discovers that she has a talent as a wireless operator. Helped along the way by a special gang of girls, she finds strengths she didn't know she had and realises that the safety of the country might just be in her hands... Meanwhile, Danny is determined to marry Lily, but his letters home become more and more distant. Will a long separation mean the end of their love story?


This was a free audiobook included in the Audible Plus catalogue, and I just picked it at random when I wanted something to listen to. I was only intending to use it as background noise but then I sort of got hooked on the story. The characters are never really fleshed out to a huge degree, but you care enough to follow them through their wartime struggle - with our hero Lily training to be a radio operator, dreaming of being a pilot, but dealing with a burgeoning love life along the way. It was actually a pretty entertaining listen.

Rating: 4 / 5

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