Is It Just Me? By Miranda Hart

Published September 8, 2014

Is It Just Me? By Miranda Hart

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Interesting one this. I absolutely adore Miranda, love her sitcom, love her attitude, love her acting. So I was keen to read this and pretty much loved it. It’s really good to know that it isn’t just you with some of these things, although I can’t identify with all of them, I can with more than I’d previously admitted!

I really like the structure, the interludes with Little Miranda, the checklists at the end of the chapter, and the generally natural and conversational tone of the piece.

The only downside is that a lot of the asides are lifted straight from the Miranda show, or vice versa. As an avid fan, it’s like hearing the same joke but in a different format and it jars just a little bit. Explaining the “what I calls” and breaking into song at the drop of a hat, we’ve sort of seen that. But then again, if someone hasn’t watched the episodes obsessively like I have, maybe that wouldn’t even be an issue.

Rating: Unrated

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