Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

Published June 28, 2005

Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

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Evie is aspiring to be an actress and moves to London from Ohio, to study, to live and ultimately, to act. Life gets in the way of her dreams and fifteen years later she’s a single mother, teaching instead of acting and wondering where her life went wrong.

Evie seems to be such a non-interesting character, it’s amazing that the whole book is based around her. She’s a shy little country girl in a foreign city, but then being an actress just doesn’t seem to suit her personality at all. The friend, Robbie, she’s far too much of a hypocrite to take seriously, advising Evie on anything and everything and never listening to her own advice.

Flipping between the present day and the past, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with where you are. Although there are clues if you look hard enough, and the writing is smooth and clever so it makes you feel proud when you do keep up. I like the dialogue, just enough to make the pages turn easily, but not so much it seems like a script.

It seems like a sophisticated book but without the strength of character, it ends up being a bit self-help.

Rating: Unrated

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