Inadvertent Disclosure by Melissa F. Miller

Published July 29, 2015

Inadvertent Disclosure by Melissa F. Miller

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Nothing annoys me more than accidentally reading the second book in a series, and worse, not realising it until the author does that tiny paragraph that intends to gloss over the events of the first book and catch readers up.

That’s what happened with this book, but thankfully, it was such a good story that it totally wiped out any bad feeling I had from making that mistake. Sasha is an attorney who gets caught up in what at first seems like a single case of the state trying to take guardianship of an elderly gentleman and ends up being a large and twisting plot of oil, land, development and more.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns, it was nice knowing who the bad guys were almost from the beginning for a change, and following the characters figuring things out, instead of having to guess for yourself. I also enjoyed the courtroom scenes, with echoes of John Grisham, as well as a strong female lead who wasn’t afraid to admit she was scared but equally was capable of taking care of herself.

Loved it, now just have to go back and catch up with the first one!

Rating: Unrated

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