How to Watch The Olympics by David Goldblatt

Published July 21, 2012

How to Watch The Olympics by David Goldblatt

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This was recommended to me, actually twice I think, by the Olympics-mad Amy. I added it to my Wish List the first time round, but with the Olympics just around the corner, the second recommendation saw it downloaded onto my Kindle straight away. It’s an invaluable guide to each and every event that the coming sporting extravaganza has to offer, and although it was useful to read and digest, I think its real use will come as a tool to refer to during the Olympic period.

For each sport (including the Opening, Closing and Medal Ceremonies) there’s a breakdown of the history of the sport, how it has fared at the Olympics, key nations to keep an eye on, and most important of all, rules and scoring for each event. I picked up loads of fascinating facts, like the rule in basketball that you have to shoot every 24 seconds or so, to stop people hogging the ball and playing defensively. Or the fact that Olympic football teams have to have all bar three representatives under the age of 23. Facts!

My only complaint of the book (aside from a few Kindle proofing and layout issues) is the overuse of capital letters. They can be used to good effect to emphasise important words and phrases - things to remember and key points. Sometimes it felt like every third word was capitalised, which made it less effective and harder to read. Sometimes, and very oddly, the capitalisation would stop midway through a word. Overall, that was a strange technique that I didn’t gel with, but it was a minor complaint for a book that is stacked full of so much useful information.

Rating: Unrated

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