How to Clean Your House by Lynsey Crombie

Published October 4, 2021

How to Clean Your House by Lynsey Crombie

Book info

  • Title How to Clean Your House
  • Author Lynsey Crombie
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Non-fiction

Packed with simple tips and tricks, this is everything you need to know about household cleaning. Is your busy life conquering your home? Do you find the household chores getting on top of you? Lynsey Queen of Clean, Instagrammer, businesswoman and busy mum of three, has done all of the work so you don’t have to. Featuring her make-at-home cleaning products, easy step-by-step guides and all her recommendations for toxic-free and eco-friendly products, this book is the ultimate guide to keeping on top of your house, and having fun while you do it.


After a brief biography of the author and how she came to her current position of authority, we dive right into a fantastic guide on keeping your home spic and span. There’s a lot of focus on home made solutions, and fab step by step pointers for daily upkeep, spring cleans, and special occasions. It’s not exactly a book you’d sit and read from start to finish, but definitely one to refer back to with plenty of checklists to keep you on track.

Rating: 4 / 5

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