How to Build It by Niran Vinod and Damola Timeyin

Published May 17, 2021

How to Build It by Niran Vinod and Damola Timeyin

Book info

  • Title How to Build It
  • Author Niran Vinod
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Non-fiction

In a world where everyone is trying to monetise their side hustle and the 5-to-9 is as valuable as the 9-to-5, building your brand is a necessity. But how can you work out what your brand is? How can you make it relevant, and how can you give it real longevity? This indispensable step by step guide will help you understand all the key considerations as you build solid foundations for your brand to thrive and grow. Complete with creative tasks, and shared personal insight from two creative strategists who have worked with some of the world's most renowned brands, How to Build It will set you on the road from nowhere to everywhere.


This is a great entry in the Merky Books How To strand, very practical with a lot of good insight and tips into what a brand is, what different elements can be focused on, and how you should go about building the brand you want. Good stuff. However, I did find it quite difficult to read because having two authors meant they were both talking about themselves and/or each other in the third person, which made for a really weird dynamic. Good content but an odd style for me.

Rating: 3 / 5

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