Holding by Graham Norton

Published August 11, 2017

Holding by Graham Norton

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I hadn’t realised Graham Norton had turned his hand to writing, but was glad to pick up the book and indulge in the mysteries of a quiet Irish village for a change. Following the story of an overweight sergeant in the depths of the countryside who finally has a crime to investigate, the book is by turns deeply involved and also sort of hands off.

It’s got an odd ebb and flow to it, with some great descriptions of the minutiae and then a sort of glossing over of the more important details, but that didn’t make it a bad read. I liked the mystery, and had no real idea what had happened all those years ago until just before it was revealed.

It does leave you with an overwhelming sad feeling though, no one really comes out of it with a happy ending, but I guess sometimes closure is the best you can hope for!

Rating: Unrated

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