Here She Lies by Kate Pepper

Published May 25, 2013

Here She Lies by Kate Pepper

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Picked this one up in a Humble Bundle and although it got off to a really slow start, the first few chapters were so intriguing that I had to keep reading. It gradually picked up the pace and ended up being a pretty good page turner. Showing off the really awful side of identity theft, it is one of those that makes you sit up and take notice and ponder if this could happen to you.

I did think the double ending was a bit confusing. I didn’t think the extra twist was necessary, and although I’ve read the last bit twice, I’m still not sure why the characters would have done what they did. It didn’t quite make sense. I was also a bit bored by the constant talk of nursing, almost every other sentence contained a reference to it.

Two small complaints though, in what was a very readable and intriguing book.

Rating: Unrated

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