Help by Simon Amstell

Published June 1, 2018

Help by Simon Amstell

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Simon Amstell has always struck me as a hugely quirky but pretty funny stand up, with more to tell than he is probably comfortable sharing. This book proved that the first part of my sentence is true, the latter not so much - as this book is an incredibly open look at his life.

It’s not totally clear to me what the aims of the book are, featuring sections of stand up script alongside added prose from the author, but perhaps it doesn’t really need a specific purpose. Just opening up and allowing people to see what has really gone on in your past and present can change everything. It no doubt helps others in similar situations to come to terms with their own feelings, whether that is to do with coming out to friends and family, being in a less-than-ideal relationship, or just trying to reconcile how you feel with how you’re supposed to feel.

I couldn’t relate to a lot of the more “hippy” stuff, particularly disappearing into a rainforest to take some drugs and relive the moment you are born, but hey, whatever works. It all seems to have given the writer a greater understanding of himself and his place in the world and that can only be a good thing.

Rating: Unrated

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