He Who Hesitates by Ed McBain

Published June 10, 2016

He Who Hesitates by Ed McBain

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This book was slightly different to the more normal 87th Precinct series, taking the point of view of the criminal and sticking with it throughout the entire story. It was almost disconcerting that the regulars barely make any appearance in the book, with just a brief scene where we follow Carella into a restaurant, and a short interview conducted by Hawes (or Horse as it is misheard).

I quite enjoyed the new angle this story portrayed, particularly as it showed us the city from the point of view of a newcomer, and the police going about their business from outside the office. It was interesting to see how the story and the background unfolded, but I felt a bit disappointed with how the story worked out, although it makes perfect sense I guess.

Overall, a good 87th Precinct book, and I did enjoy the reference to the previous story - Ax.

Rating: Unrated

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