Goldilocks by Ed McBain

Published June 28, 2017

Goldilocks by Ed McBain

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I was a big fan of McBain’s cop series but read a few too many of them so that they grew a little stale. It was really nice and refreshing to read his writing in a different format, this time a lawyer helping to investigate the murder of a mother and two kids. A brutal crime, and not many suspects, but even fewer once someone confesses to the crime.

As with much of McBain’s work, it has snappy dialogue that draws you right in. I always wonder how it can be interesting to read police interrogations, going over and over the same information time and again, but somehow it still is!

Interesting book, fascinating crime, and a good whodunit twist that, for once, doesn’t come totally out of left-field but is still something of a surprise.

Rating: Unrated

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