Glinda of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Published November 1, 2014

Glinda of Oz by L. Frank Baum

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There’s definitely a darker tone in this final book of the original Oz series. With an imminent war about to breakout, Princess Ozma goes to intervene and finds herself trapped, in a situation where her magic just won’t help. It’s up to the rest of the gang (and pretty much all of the previous characters were revisited here), to come along and save her, with inspiration coming from an unlikely direction.

It was actually quite a good story, although there were a few too many morals in there for my liking. Aside from Ozma’s clear “this is what you should learn from the story” at the end, there was also the vain Diamond Swan to learn from, as well as the twist and turns of trying to get someone to do what you want when they are being stubborn.

So, all in all, a more interesting story, and quite a nice way to end the series, really. A happy ending, if a slightly darker tale told to get there.

Rating: Unrated

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