Girls Out Late by Jacqueline Wilson

Published February 13, 2022

Girls Out Late by Jacqueline Wilson

Book info

  • Title Girls Out Late
  • Author Jacqueline Wilson
  • Year 1999
  • Genre Childrens

Ellie has a boyfriend! And he's really, truly interested in her - not in her best friends, Magda and Nadine! She and oh-so-gorgeous Russell have so much in common - Ellie knows they're made for each other. If only Dad thought so too... While Ellie tries her best to cope with Dad's totally unreasonable curfew, Magda's dealing with her crush on a teacher - and Nadine's falling for slimy Liam again. What they need is a girls' night out - but they might get a little more than they bargained for...


This time, our girls are having to deal with boyfriends - whether that is trying to keep your distance from an ex, having a crush on an inappropriate individual, or having your first boyfriend. Some of it felt a bit nonsense, the extra bit about Anna staying out late didn’t quite fit the rest and had no further repurcussions, but I did like some of the themes - I felt for Ellie having to choose between boyfriend and friends, and treading that fine line between having fun and abiding by your family rules. Always a good read from Jacqueline Wilson.

Rating: 4 / 5

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