Five Have Plenty of Fun by Enid Blyton

Published March 18, 2023

Five Have Plenty of Fun by Enid Blyton

Book info

  • Title Five Have Plenty of Fun
  • Author Enid Blyton
  • Year 1955
  • Genre Childrens

In book fourteen, George is not pleased when Berta, a spoilt American girl, turns up at Kirrin Cottage in the dead of night. But George hasn't got time to be jealous, Berta is in hiding from kidnappers. The Famous Five are the only ones who can protect her - but will they take on dangerous criminals to help out a stranger?


This was a change from the normal adventures that this gang get up on, this time they are very much based at home at Kirrin Cottage and the trouble comes to them. A good half of the book is based around their new visitor Berta and getting her settled in, appearance changed, and witness protection set up. The second half of the book is chasing after the kidnap that eventually happens and you do think the kids should probably leave it to the police but they do manage to scrape together an effective rescue - hooray!

Rating: 4 / 5

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