Five Fall Into Adventure by Enid Blyton

Published October 6, 2022

Five Fall Into Adventure by Enid Blyton

Book info

  • Title Five Fall Into Adventure
  • Author Enid Blyton
  • Year 1950
  • Genre Childrens

In book nine, the Famous Five are really worried - George and her devoted Timmy have disappeared. Not only that, somebody has broken into Kirrin Cottage. Could there be a connection? Will the Five find George and Timmy and bring them home safe?


I quite liked the last story that featured people trying to get their hands on Uncle Quentin’s important scientific work and this was another of the same. The adults go off on holiday and strange things start to happen, ultimately ending with George getting kidnapped. The remaining kids have the help of a new friend, Jo, although it takes them quite a long time to warm to her! Lots of threats to poor Timmy this time, but they all survive unscathed, no harm done!

Rating: 4 / 5

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