First Thrills: Volume 1 by Lee Child

Published June 29, 2016

First Thrills: Volume 1 by Lee Child

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I always find the idea of short story collections more exciting in principal than I usually find them in practice, and this one had more anticipation thanks to the names attached. It’s kind of cynical to say “we’re giving some authors a bigger stage thanks to Lee Child and Jeffrey Deaver” but equally, they’re upfront and honest about it and it works! So no complaints here.

Actually, it was a really good collection of stories, all very short, some just a couple of minutes of reading time. As always, some stick out in the mind more than others - I particularly enjoyed the case of the missing thriller writer, the frozen chair lift situation, and the tragedy unfolding in the death camp train.

It’s quite nice sometimes to take a break from full length novels and dip in and out of stories instead, and I highly recommend this book for when you feel like a quick hit of thrill and mystery.

Rating: Unrated

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