Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

Published October 2, 2013

Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

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I’m a fan of Ken Follett’s work and jumped at the chance to buy a collection of three of his early thrillers for the Kindle. This was the first and introduced me to the adventures of World War Two spying and those trying to catch them. The novel spends half the time in the company of a German spy trying to get some important photographs out of the country. The rest is with those who are half a step behind, and have to stop him to save the war.

I liked the little details, the moments where the spy was surprised Britain isn’t all stiff-upper-lipped, and the problems caused by the lack of road signs taken down in case of invasion. It was also interesting how the story of the spy was offset by the story of the troubled married couple on a remote Scottish island, and then how those two plots ended up coming together.

Overall, enjoyed reading it - it wasn’t perfect, but I’m glad I still have two more thrillers to get through.

Rating: Unrated

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