Emma by Jane Austen

Published January 3, 2010

Emma by Jane Austen

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This is the second book I have ever read from the Project Gutenberg site, not counting the Librivox connection. The first one was Oliver Twist, which I chose because I had just watched the dramatisation on TV. Guess why I chose Emma? I really enjoyed the BBC adaptation, and it’s a story I was not even slightly aware of before I saw it.

I don’t know how I would have got on with the story if I didn’t already have characters and faces in my head though, as I didn’t find them particularly strong. Emma is an unlikely heroine, and even Mr Knightley doesn’t come across in the book quite as well as you would hope a dashing costume drama gentleman would do. (This may also have to do with how crushable Jonny Lee Miller was.)

Still, at least I can say I have read it now, and can go back to watching the programme without feeling guilty.

Rating: Unrated

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