Eden by Dean Crawford

Published December 23, 2014

Eden by Dean Crawford

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This dystopian book takes place after a supreme electrical storm wipes out the infrastructure of humanity and leaves everyone vulnerable. A plucky bunch of scientists are studying at one of the poles, and thus escape the brutal nature of the storm, only to find themselves thrust into the horrific world of the survivors.

The story is great, although it takes a while to get going and is in two very distinct halves. The first part is very much about surviving against the odds when the rest of the world has forgotten you. The second half is where things ramp up and start getting brutal, as society unwinds itself. It’s quite hard to reconcile one part with the other, particularly by the end you’re left thinking this was not the same book you started.

Nevertheless, I quite liked it. None of the characters were particularly generous although our protagonist’s desire for everyone to work together rather than be out for themselves was something to latch on to. A good read, and a good ending I thought!

Rating: Unrated

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