Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

Published March 26, 2022

Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

Book info

  • Title Dune Messiah
  • Author Frank Herbert
  • Year 1969
  • Genre Science Fiction

Dune Messiah continues the story of Paul Atreides, better known - and feared - as the man christened Muad'Dib. As Emperor of the Known Universe, he possesses more power than a single man was ever meant to wield. Worshipped as a religious icon by the fanatical Fremen, Paul faces the enmity of the political houses he displaced when he assumed the throne - and a conspiracy conducted within his own sphere of influence. And even as House Atreides begins to crumble around him from the machinations of his enemies, the true threat to Paul is directed against his lover, Chani, and the unborn heir to his family's dynasty...


I don’t think I would have read this if I hadn’t picked up a six book digital collection - all the Dune books written by the original author. So it was too easy to finish the last one and move on to this. I usually hate introductions and prefaces that spoil the books but this had some insight from Frank’s son Brian - who has continued the series after his father’s death - and it was actually good to get a bit of context around this and made the reading of it much easier.

Overall, it was just more of the same from the first, turns out my bad feeling about Paul was spot on, he’s gone a bit Star Wars emperor on everyone. Interesting that they brought Duncan back too - because the fans wanted it or because it really added to the story? Will go on and read the third book, see what mischief they all get up to next.

Rating: 3 / 5

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