Dr No by Ian Fleming

Published December 27, 2020

Dr No by Ian Fleming

Book info

  • Title Dr No
  • Author Ian Fleming
  • Year 1958
  • Genres Thriller, Adventure, Mystery

Dr Julius No is a man with a mysterious past. Nobody knows what secrets are hidden on his Caribbean island, and all those who have attempted to investigate further have disappeared. When two British agents go missing in Jamaica, Bond is sent to investigate. Battling the Doctor's twin obsessions with power and pain, he uncovers the true nature of his opponent's covert operation - but he must undergo a deadly assault course before he can destroy the Doctor's plans once and for all.


I listened to the audiobook version of this, read by Hugh Quarshie, and it was a great reading but I can’t promise that I enjoyed the book as much as I was hoping. I was surprised at how close it was to the first film in the Bond series - I recognised a lot of the scenes in my head as they played out.

It’s not exactly the same though, the ending is pretty brutal - Bond is basically tortured for ages. I’m just glad the same didn’t happen to Honey, and her smarts actually helped her. Makes a change for a Bond girl!

Rating: 3 / 5

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