Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

Published January 10, 2012

Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

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Mmm, Jacqueline Wilson. I’m secretly very glad that my reading list is giving me an excuse to consume these books. They only take an hour and it’s always a glorious experience. I’ve always loved Ms Wilson’s work, since I was a kid, but she’s so prolific that I missed out on a lot of the stuff, and then got too old for it.

Somehow, she manages to get right inside the heads of children, which is so impressive to me who cannot relate to little ones at all. Supposedly I was a kid at some point, but I rarely remember what it was like. Then I read one of Wilson’s books and it all comes flooding back.

There’s loads packed into this story too - dealing with coming out from a sibling’s shadow, a new step-mother, bullies, not getting your dream job, and moving schools. The format of the story - each twin contributing to a scrapbook - is great, although it felt a little forced at times. Easy to gloss over those bits though, to keep the story moving forward. Good stuff.

Rating: Unrated

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