Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island by Mike Tucker

Published May 27, 2023

Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island by Mike Tucker

Book info

  • Title Doctor Who: The Nightmare of Black Island
  • Author Mike Tucker
  • Year 2006
  • Genre Science Fiction

On a lonely stretch of Welsh coastline a fisherman is killed by a hideous creature from beneath the waves. When the Doctor and Rose arrive, they discover a village where the children are plagued by nightmares, and the nights are ruled by monsters. The villagers suspect that ancient industrialist Nathanial Morton is to blame, but the Doctor has suspicions of his own. Who are the ancient figures that sleep in the old priory? What are the monsters that prowl the woods after sunset? What is the light that glows in the disused lighthouse on Black Island? As the children's nightmares get worse, The Doctor and Rose discover an alien plot to resurrect an ancient evil...


Doctor Who filmed a lot in Cardiff, so it’s fun to read a story actually set in Wales. This one is about monsters taking form from the nightmares of children, which is so fitting for Doctor Who, I’m surprised it hasn’t been turned into an official episode. Anyway, this one was narrated by Anthony Head, who is, of course, brilliant, so it was a fun experience.

Rating: 4 / 5

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