Deception Point by Dan Brown

Published December 9, 2010

Deception Point by Dan Brown

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Rachel Sexton is a senator’s daughter and is hired by the president to confirm an important NASA find. But as expected in a Dan Brown novel, it’s not all that it seems and some important people have important secrets up their sleeves.

Rachel is a bright and likeable heroine, Michael Tolland the gallant and heart-wrenching hero. They’re predictable but nice enough characters who keep you wanting more. But you don’t really mind if something bad happens to them - which it doesn’t.

A thriller of the highest kind, there’s lots of cliffhangers and moments when death seems inevitable, except you know it won’t happen otherwise the nasty people will get away with their plot. A good read, but a little too formulaic.

I did like this book, but after the brilliance of The Da Vinci Code, I was left a little disappointed by this one. It’s hard to be irritated by the lack of realism, especially after the DVC, but it was too obvious that all was going to turn out good.

Rating: Unrated

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