Death Knocks Twice by Robert Thorogood

Published October 10, 2017

Death Knocks Twice by Robert Thorogood

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I whipped through this book in super quick time, it seemed to flow much easier than the previous two. There was a lot less repetition, and I liked how the two seemingly unrelated crimes ended up crossing over each other towards the end.

The murder mystery was good, I guessed a few names but got it wrong each time, and like all good stories, the answer was obvious when it was revealed to you. It’s not a happy story, but as with the TV series, the real joy comes from the team of misfits investigating. It was fun reading through the crisis of confidence Richard had, questioning his own methods. I think I said this in my last review, but it’s nice to read more about why he’s the way he is, whereas on the TV show you could never really delve into his inner thoughts.

Hope there are plenty more stories to come!

Rating: Unrated

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