Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure by Dave Gorman

Published November 30, 2004

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure by Dave Gorman

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Dave Gorman is determined to prove he’s changed by stopping his antics, writing a novel and growing a beard. Only he can’t think of a single word to get down in writing and he’s easily distracted by a bet involving ten googlewhacks and a heck of a lot of travelling.<

Lots of people feature in this book: Dave Gorman, obviously, a lot of googlewhacks who really are too plentiful to count, plus the David Gorman who made the bet, his agent Rob and his book publisher Jake. I did miss Danny Wallace a little bit, but I bet DG is fed up of the association there.

It was very funny, insightful and very literal about everything. Whipped along at a great pace and very honest about every step of the way. Must admit that about 70% of the way through, I was sure that if I ever heard the word googlewhack again, I’d run away screaming. But it’s worth it.

Rating: Unrated

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