Dark Dawn by Matt McGuire

Published October 21, 2012

Dark Dawn by Matt McGuire

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It’s been a while since I read a proper crime book, these are the type that I would devour as they were handed to be from all different sources. Since I have a book list to get through, and the entire Kindle library has opened up to me, crime has fallen off my radar a little bit. I’m not sure where I picked this one up from, a sale or a promotion of some sort, but after just the first few pages I was hooked.

What’s good about it is the protagonist is not your traditional detective. There are exceptions, of course, but they tend to be either the aging cop who has seen it all and is one step ahead all the time, or the rookie who is fumbling his way through and getting results more by luck than judgement. This one is not brand new, is on the edge of toppling over the work/life balance cliff but isn’t quite the world-weary chief we often see.

Set against the troubled background of Belfast’s mean and drug-filled streets, there’s some violence but more tension than anything, and the story weaves through a host of characters. Somehow, despite the case being stagnant for most of the book, it remains intensely interesting. I couldn’t put it down.

Rating: Unrated

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