Daily Life in Victorian London by Lee Jackson

Published December 28, 2012

Daily Life in Victorian London by Lee Jackson

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I’ve been reading this one on and off for about eighteen months. I think I picked it up after reading the Crimson Petal and the White, as I was inspired by the Victorian era. As the book is in small, neat chapters - an encyclopedia of Victorian anecdotes - it was very easy to pick up and put down again, fill in a spare moment here or there.

The content is made up of a collection of articles, letters and chapters from various places, all relating to matters of Victorian London. Set out alphabetically, we travel through all kinds of things from advertising through to what goes into London gin, as well as the practicalities of pawnbroking.

With a variety of different sources, your mileage really does vary on what you get. I didn’t enjoy them all, but for every one I didn’t there were four that I did. It’s not something I would sit and read all the way through in one sitting, and I’m not sure I learnt anything massive from it, but it’s a handy reference book to have on the virtual shelf.

Rating: Unrated

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