Crossing the Line by Kerry Wilkinson

Published June 14, 2016

Crossing the Line by Kerry Wilkinson

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Although I enjoyed the different style of the last book, it was nice in this one to go back to the more normal Jessica Daniel adventures. Investigating crimes in a more than unorthodox fashion, dealing with her own demons at the same time, and trying to keep everyone around her safe and happy, it’s a tough life for Manchester’s favourite detective.

Lots of nice new characters in this one, as well, particularly Pat on the front desk and PC Pen-Thief.

Some of the connections and motives felt a little more convoluted than before - particularly the more than random nature of the hospice connection - but I guess that helps to make it a surprise when the truth is finally revealed.

I also thought the finally little twist was a little rushed, but only because I would have been interested in how it affected Jess more than just the glimpses we got. Great idea though.

Rating: Unrated

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