Complicit by Nicci French

Published November 16, 2015

Complicit by Nicci French

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I liked the concept of this from the start - the story of a murder told in two halves. One aspect, from the moment it happened onwards, and the other, from way back leading up to the murder itself. The first quarter of the book didn’t quite live up to my expectations, it felt a little contrived to be introducing all these men as we readers were supposed to be desperately guessing which one was lying on the carpet with a dent in his skull.

However, once the satchel arrived and things started to get more convoluted, it got more and more interesting. There were plenty of characters to give the whodunit a sprawling feel, but the interconnectedness of the musician’s world meant it didn’t get out of hand.

I couldn’t quite get on board with the end result - would people really do such a thing? And how did Bonnie know that the guilty party wouldn’t suddenly turn on her? It was hard to feel sympathetic to these characters who were all guilty be varying degrees. However, I quite enjoyed the second half of the book regardless, and couldn’t help but read on to see how it all worked out.

Rating: Unrated

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