Completely Staged by Simon Evans and Phin Glynn

Published November 19, 2021

Completely Staged by Simon Evans and Phin Glynn

Book info

  • Title Completely Staged
  • Author Simon Evans
  • Year 2021
  • Genre Scripts

Completely Staged presents the complete text of the BBC screenplays from Staged’s writer and director Simon Evans and co-creator Phin Glynn, illustrated throughout in full colour with stills from the show, original drawings, sheet music for the theme tune, Georgia Tennant's carrot cake recipe, tips on how to draw a pineapple and much more. This treasure trove is a must-have for every fan of Staged, a show which perfectly combines comedy and poignancy to encapsulate the collective feelings of a reluctantly virtual world.


I’m a big fan of script books, particularly when it’s something I’ve loved and admired, and that is Staged through and through. One of the few wonderful things that came out of lockdown, Staged became a huge hit and instantly lodged itself in our collective consciousness. This book is simply the scripts, laid out so neatly, with additional notes and scribbles and even a crossword. It’s nice to re-live it again in a different format, although it did just make me want to go back and watch the show again, so I could be stuck in an endless loop from this point forward. I wouldn’t complain!

Rating: 5 / 5

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