Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer

Published October 3, 2017

Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer

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The penultimate book in the Clifton Chronicles and at last it seems as though the threads are starting to draw together - and people are starting to get what they deserve. This book contains plenty of drama and twists and turns, but I must admit the endless scenes in law courts and boardroom meetings are starting to wear thin.

I really liked the appearance of young Jessica, a more precocious child you’d be hard pushed to find, but she’s eminently likeable which makes it worthwhile.

Meanwhile, Harry and Emma continue to be goody-two-shoes but it seems like we might finally be on the verge of revealing some long-held family secrets, so I’ll be reading the next book, if only to get some closure on the sprawling saga.

Rating: Unrated

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