Chequered Conflict by Maurice Hamilton

Published August 8, 2011

Chequered Conflict by Maurice Hamilton

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For those of us that watched the 2007 season, we already know how this story ends, but Hamilton uses his journalistic skills to delve behind the headlines we might have already seen and find out what made those involved make some of the decisions they did.

It’s a remarkably unbiased piece of writing, considering the high emotions and questionable actions detailed along the way, and there are no significant conclusions drawn at the end. That’s by no means a bad thing, the book simply gives the reader the tools to make their own judgement.

Well-written, easily readable, with plenty of quotes and sources to add colour and depth to the story being told. This is either aimed at new fans who might want to catch up on some of the recent controversies they’ve missed, or the longer-term fans who want to relive what was a tense season, filled with emotional fireworks.

Rating: Unrated

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