Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman

Published August 4, 2021

Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman

Book info

  • Title Cheer Up Love
  • Author Susan Calman
  • Year 2016
  • Genre Memoir

It was the overwhelming and positive reaction to the show she wrote about mental health that made Susan want to write a more detailed account of surviving depression when you're the world's most negative and anxious person. The Crab of Hate is the personification of Calman's depression and her version of the notorious Black Dog. A constant companion all her life, the Crab has provided her with the best, and very worst of times. This is a very personal and affecting memoir of how, after many years and with a lot of help and talking, Susan has embraced her dark side and realised that she can be the most joyous sad person you'll ever meet.


Another audiobook I raced through, with the lovely Susan Calman talking about her struggles with depression. It’s open and honest, candid in a way you would expect from Susan, but with the humour required to make it a light and lovable listen, despite the weighty and serious subject matter.

Although Susan is clear about not giving medical advice and that everyone navigates their own mental health differently, there are some good tips on improving your outlook on life, and it’s always good to hear how someone manages to keep the crab of hate at bay.

Rating: 5 / 5

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