Canoeing the Congo by Phil Harwood

Published June 11, 2015

Canoeing the Congo by Phil Harwood

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Everything about this adventure sounds terrifying - canoeing from the source of the Congo river in Zambia, through to where it meets the Atlantic Ocean in the DR of Congo, through hippo and crocodile infested waters, passing by villages where white faces are understandably treated with suspicion but also with a gun, and generally surviving on rice and fish.

The book tells it like it is, and I get the feeling it was as scary as it sounds, but also massively rewarding. Seeing what our hero learns along the way is fantastic, and although I know I couldn’t do it, I enjoyed being along for the ride by the means of turning the pages.

It’s well written, honest and humble, particularly with regards to losing tempers, eyeing up the locals, and finding ways to get around the corruption that is littered through the country. A really good read.

Rating: Unrated

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