Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Published June 27, 2012

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

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I think I owned a copy of Black Beauty as a child, but I must never have read it. When I sat down to read this, I realised I don’t know anything about the story - except the concept of Black Beauty. I had thought it was going to be more like Skippy, you know, horse showing super-animal intelligence and saving the day. Aside from the occasional fast gallop, it wasn’t really like that.

I was glad this is a short book as I’ve never really been a fan of horses. I can see that this would appeal to kids, particularly those who have a passion for those four legged creatures, but for me, it was just a nice little tale from an unusual point of view. I didn’t really like the constant not-so-subtle messages to treat horses well, they detracted from the story and made it feel more like a public announcement.

However, I can equally see that this would be a great grounding for kids who are going to get a horse, or get involved with the equine industry. Treat horses nice, kids, they have feelings too.

Some of the stories were quite interesting, and I was intrigued to see how many different owners Black Beauty had, and all the different types of occupation awaited a horse back then. After the depressing end to the previous book I read, I was also glad to see a relatively happy ending.

Rating: Unrated

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