Beyond the Point by Damien Boyd

Published February 11, 2022

Beyond the Point by Damien Boyd

Book info

  • Title Beyond the Point
  • Author Damien Boyd
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Thriller

DI Nick Dixon is on the hunt for a vicious serial killer, following a trail of fingerprints and DNA across west Somerset. When the body of a young woman is found on the building site of a nuclear power station, work grinds to a halt. The body bears all the hallmarks of yet another random murder at the hands of the escaped killer. Then Dixon finds a motive. Fighting for his place on the Major Investigation Team, he soon uncovers a family’s desperate search for the truth, exposing a web of corruption and death that will shake the billion pound construction project to its very foundations. But who can be trusted when so much money is at stake? Can Dixon find the killer under intense pressure from the top of government? And, can he do it before anyone else has to die?


I like that this, more than any of the previous books, really carries on from the previous one. I’m sure you could read it as a standalone but having devoured the previous book you’re really invested in this mission. I loved the info about Hinkley, some real behind the scenes access must have been granted to write about it with this much authority.

I’m not totally sure I understood how everything fitted together and really what the motivations were by the end, but that’s not important. It was a great adventure, with added personal drama around the dog, and of course, our two favourites Nick and Jane taking another step in their journey together.

Rating: 4 / 5

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