Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

Published August 11, 2016

Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

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This book followed in the same fashion as the previous Clifton Chronicles, and was just as gripping - following the fortunes of various family members as they dip in and out of each other’s lives. It was fun reading about the squabbles of siblings, although I was less interested in the machinations of Giles attempting to retain his seat as MP.

You can sort of tell there is a focus on less detail in this book, and instead moving the story along at a cracking pace. Indeed, the author’s note at the end admits he’s having to stretch out the series to more than the planned number of novels.

The sequence towards the end of the book surprised me, as it seemed to take a turn towards the thriller genre coming out of nowhere. However, that just allowed for another cracking cliffhanger, which means I have to ge the next book on the go as soon as possible!

Rating: Unrated

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