Belgravia by Julian Fellowes

Published August 10, 2022

Belgravia by Julian Fellowes

Book info

  • Title Belgravia
  • Author Julian Fellowes
  • Year 2016
  • Genre Historical

It is the evening of 15 June 1815, and the Duchess of Richmond has thrown a magnificent ball in Brussels for the Duke of Wellington. The guests include James and Anne Trenchard - who have made their money in trade - along with their beautiful daughter Sophia. When the Trenchards move into the fashionable new area of Belgravia some twenty-five years later, they are surrounded by some of London society's most influential families. But something happened that night of the ball, so long ago, that threatens their new status. Because behind Belgravia's magnificent doors is a world of secrets, gossip and intrigue.


I watched Downton Abbey relatively recently and whilst it was alright entertainment, I don’t know that it grabbed me the same way it did a lot of the nation. However, I figured it was worth giving Julian Fellowes works a go in a different format - this time a book. At first, it did feel a little bit slow-going, setting the scenes and introducing a lot of characters. Not too many, but how they all fitted together was mind-boggling. At one point, I genuinely had to draw out a little family tree to get my head round it.

But once I got past that, and as the action gradually drifted towards a conclusion - secrets being revealed and all the ramifications that followed - I was hooked! A fun read.

Rating: 4 / 5

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