Behind the Screen Door by Richard Gregson

Published July 30, 2012

Behind the Screen Door by Richard Gregson

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This is my favourite kind of memoir - short snippets of fascinating stories, told well. Instead of the long and drawn out obligatory trawl through childhood years, we skip straight to the good stuff for a glimpse at an interesting life.

It’s a short book, which makes it easy to digest, and split into handy bite size chapters. My only issue with the book is that my cultural knowledge doesn’t live up to the challenge. I didn’t recognise many names, and I had to look up a lot of the films to get a frame of reference.

They’re still interesting stories though, how the business works on both sides of the pond, through the eyes of an English agent. There are also some personal stories as well, of trying to maintain a functioning relationship with a celebrity. The final tale is sad, but a fitting tribute, and it finishes off the book nicely.

Rating: Unrated

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